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About us

Optimal Remap Jsc. was developed in 2003 year as GRT motorsport company. Since we are on the market we provide modified files for many companies across Europe and in Bulgaria. We offer a professional tuning files for cars, buses, trucks and boats. We give a lifetime guarantee for the software and all the files are in accordance with the ecological limits of the European Union.

All these years that we are on the market many companies are glad with our proven quality.

We have a database of more of 10 000 original files downloaded by us or by our clients from customer cars. We have tuned more than 6000 files for cars, trucks and boats. All of the files have been tested for thousands of kilometers across the European roads and a lot of the files have been made on the Dyno producing great results in the power and torque curves.

Our company is Completely distinguishable from the numerous advertisements of Ebay companies or internet sites that offer CD’s with tens of thousands tuning files and We are NOT working with already made Tuning files by someone else or downloaded from the Internet. We remind our partners that this kind of dubious software not only has a vague implications for vehicle engine, but in many case is the way to spread viruses destroying files with extensions *. bin, *. mod, *. ori located on your hard disk.