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For new users, please ask for the price of the modified file on our e-mail: office@remapfiles.com

We offer modified files 7 days a week from 8.00 to 22.00 CET up to 60 min. after we receive an original file. If you send original file after 22.00 o’clock CET it will be ready just before 9.00 on the next day.


Wright after we have received the order you will be informed by Email. We will send the mod file to your Email as soon as it is prepared.

Standard tuning file is a optimal mix between producing more power and torque, fuel consumption reduction, engine durability  and strength. It is possible however producing a specified mod file in accordance with our client’s wishes. Just write if you want something special such as max fuel economy or max engine performance or specific rpm limiter or speed limiter or something else that you wish in the field “Text” in the Upload section.

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