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Tuning file service

We offer Tuning file service.

If you don't find your file in our WinOls reseller database just send it to our engineers using Tuning file service module.

We will prepare your Tuning file with the selected options in less than an hour

WinOls Reseller Database

Start using our WinOls reseller database.

Browse through more than 11 000 projects containing Tuning files St1, St2 and Off Road use Emissions delete files.

Super Map Packs with Tuning and Delete solutions master projects.

Every day we update with many new files and definitions.

Tuning files

We support all type of engines for Cars, Pickups, Motorbikes, Trucks, Agriculture, Construction and Marines.

Trucks/Agri ECO Tuning

We support all kinds of Trucks, Agricultur and Construction machines for better fuel economy.

Emissions Delete

For OFF Road use only. All kind of vehicles. All deletes are manual and tested solutions. We develop new solutions regularly.

Super Map Packs

Our database contains many full Map defined files. We update with new Definition files every day.

USA and Canada vehicles

No mater that we are located in Europe, we support many USA and Canadian companies. We have special Deletes, Tunes and Solutions for that market. We are also specialized in Super Map Packs for this market.

ECU programming and Map edit

We offer all programming tools of Alientech srl and the EVC gmbh - WinOls map edit software. Contact us for quotation.

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Hino J05D/J08E Engine – complete Emissions delete solution developed
Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Please NOTE:

We are located in Europe and our time zone is UTC+2.
The return time of the ready tuning files might take longer - up to 24 hours depending on the time zone.

Please NOTE:

*All the Emissions Delete Tunes are only for Off Road and/or Racing and Motor sport Use or for testing purpose.

*They may not be street legal in your area and it is not our responsibility if you are using them on road against the legal rules and emissions norms.

*Removal of Emissions equipment may be illegal in your area and is the responsibility of the receiving person(s) to check and understand the local laws and government.

*By Using our delete tunes you agree that all the responsibility regarding the Emissions Control rules and lows are yours!
Optimal Remap Ltd. is not responsible if you are using the tune against the local Emission norm and low.

*We strongly advice to use the emissions delete only when it is extremely necessary and there is no other way for using the vehicle(Race/Mining/Heavy Off road Use).

*Please try to keep the air on the Planet clean!